Everything you need to know about gold ETFs


Investors’ need to seek more exposure to commodities such as gold and silver led investment management companies such as BlackRock to create such an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

ETFs are publicly traded funds. That combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have the diversification that a fund gives, and, on the other, by listing on the Stock Market, you can buy and sell as many times as you want (which provides you with immediate liquidity).

The first ETF was launched in 1993, but it was not until 2005 when BlackRock created the iShares Gold Trust, known as IAU, which has an exposure to gold bars that BlackRock buys and which is guarded in vaults in London, New York, and Toronto.

A gold ETF is a listed fund whose price will be linked to the gold price’s evolution. Just as we buy ETFs that replicate stock indices, we can buy ETFs that replicate the price of gold.

How to choose a gold ETF

GOLD ETFS share a series of characteristics with traditional ETFs that we must consider when opting for one product or another.

Next, we will see the 5 most important aspects when investing in this type of product.


As with index funds, one of the most important factors when contracting a gold ETF is the precision with which the price of gold follows. That is their tracking error. The smaller, the better.

  • COST

As with any fund / ETF, costs matter. Much.

In the case of ETFs of stocks or bonds, the expenses are oriented to defray costs such as the broker’s or manager’s commissions.

As far as GOLD ETFS are concerned, the commissions mainly cover the expenses of the purchase, audit, transportation, and storage of the yellow metal (in the case of being backed by physical gold).


When investing in gold through ETFs, it is crucial to know if the fund is backed by 100% gold. That is if the fund makes a physical replica of its “reference index.”

There are a wide variety of GOLD ETFS on the market. Many of them will back up your value with the same amount of gold, that is, they are of a physical replica. However, we will also find other ETFs that replicate the price of gold synthetically through the use of derivatives.


Buying an ETF backed by physical gold does not imply ownership of that gold. On many occasions, fund units only give us a right to gold.

We have the right to request the physical gold that corresponds to us according to the participations that we have in the fund.


The same ETF can be traded in different markets.

In the financial markets, the buy-sell fork represents two prices: On the one hand, the highest price offered by buyers. On the other, the lowest price offered by sellers. The smaller this fork, the higher the liquidity of the product.

Depending on the market in which we operate, we may be paying an extra cost for the same product.

Final recommendations

Although it is more advisable to invest in physical gold, buying GOLD ETFs is a very attractive strategy for those who have small retirement portfolios or do not want to overcomplicate things. On the other hand, if you considering a gold IRA rollover with physical gold, make sure to check out this article from Rare Metal Blog.

And you, do you have any GOLD ETFs contracted? If not, what is the reason? Do you prefer to invest in physical gold directly? Leave your comment.

What Determines the Cost of a Gold Bar

Gold is one of the most in demand precious metals. The cost of a gold bar depends on the current price of gold, and the size and weight of the bar itself. They come in different sizes and vary in weight as well. Knowing the current gold spot price is essential if you would like to invest in this precious metal for profit. Unlike money, which is greatly affected by the inflation and deflation of its value in the economy, gold bars are not affected by any financial crisis. The only factor that affects the price of gold is its scarcity and availability.

Surely you will encounter the term “premium” when buying them. This refers to the manufacturing cost of a gold bar, including the profit of the gold dealer for each sale, and the insurance of the gold bar itself. Additional charges like the shipping fee will also be included if you are buying from an online store or from a dealer in a different location.

The Purity Factor

Another factor to be considered when buying gold bullion bars is the purity. This pertains to the amount of gold that the bar actually contains. If you will notice the ends of a gold bar, there are digits stamped in. This is the purity of the gold bar. The universal value of gold is 99.99 percent purity. The purity of the gold depends on the country it is originating from. For example, a gold bar with 96.5 percent purity is from Thailand.

Weight Counts

To avoid confusion, follow the standard units used when weighing gold. The most commonly used unit of measure is ounces or troy ounces. Take note that when you see the price listing of gold bars, it is on a per ounce basis, and not the price for the whole gold bar itself. On the widest side of the gold bar, you will see its weight in troy ounces stamped in.

Getting your Money’s worth

Because investing in gold means spending a large amount of money, it is wiser that your buy gold in bulks, rather than piece by piece. When purchasing gold in bulk, it is actually cheaper than buying gold by the piece. Also, buying in bulk means a much lower premium. Remember to buy from trusted accredited gold dealers to make the most out of the premiums that they have to offer.

Do not hesitate to ask questions if there are certain details that are not clear to you. You should not rush, especially if this is your first time to purchase gold and make an investment from it. Gold is a precious metal, so it is best that you have it insured for your safety right now, and into the future. Most often than not, the insurance is already included in the cost of a gold bar. Patience is also a key to being a gold investor. It may take time, but the profit that you will gain from your investment will definitely be worth the wait.

Purchase Gold Bullion Online – The Safe And Legit Way

It is true that gold is still the most popular investment option among the precious metals. With e-commerce and online payment technology getting more mature each day, investing in gold through online marketplace has become a reality. Gold is considered as a currency and many people invest in it for safekeeping during times of crisis. If you are planning or have been offered to buy gold bullion and coins, it is highly recommended that you purchase gold bullion online in bulk, or wholesale.

Why Investing in Gold is a Smart Decision

Buying gold is a great way of surviving financial crisis, and investing in it guarantees your security in the future. Before buying gold bullion bars, it is important that you know the price of a gold bar, which changes daily depending on the price of gold, and the corresponding weight of a gold bar. A standard gold bar weighs 12.4 kilograms or 438.9 ounces.

How to Buy Gold Safely

The next thing to consider is where to buy gold for investing. Aside from gold dealers, mints, and auctions, there are also online sellers that sell gold bullion and coins. Remember that buying online is risky, so you should be aware of the online seller’s eligibility as a dealer, and look for feedback, especially from people you know who have bought gold online, if possible.

When you buy online, it usually implicates that your items will be shipped or delivered to you. So it is very important that you have a good understanding of gold like the form, weight, and fineness in order to avoid being fooled or scammed. To know more about how to purchase gold bullion, be it gold bullion bars or gold bullion coins, you need to have an understanding of the monetary role of gold in the economy.

Gold bullion coins trade very closely to the world gold price. When buying in bulk or larger quantities, you will be paying a premium of at most 4% and 8% for smaller quantities. The price for gold bullion bars vary because they are sold in different sizes as well. To know how to start investing in gold, you should always be updated with the inflation rate in your country or region, and have a basic knowledge on the principles of asset management. Gold is both indestructible and tight in supply. Compared to money, it is not affected by the inflation or deflation of money.

Before you purchase gold bullion online, you should compare the prices offered by commercial establishments that sell gold bullion. This way, you can make sure that you are investing your money into something that you will definitely benefit from in the future. Remember that buying gold bullion in large quantities is actually cheaper than buying per piece. Always keep track of the price changes in the market and the rates of other sellers as well. This is an excellent product investment that will surely give you profit in the right time. Always think that the more gold you have, the more you keep your future secured. This is because gold is a product that will never depreciate in terms of value.

Price of Silver Bullion And Its Value

The fee of silver bullion can not be decided through its economic change rate. Its cost is timeless. The history of silver coins dates lower back as early as seven-hundred B.C. During the Iron Age, an Asian kingdom known as Lydia had produced the first of those types of cash. It changed into at the beginning alloyed with gold and changed into called electrum. Eventually, pure silver cash have been made.

When large deposits of silver have been determined in American countries within the early 1900’s, maximum international locations switched to the use of gold as a form of foreign money. The abundance of silver during the aforementioned period made the metal less in demand. The manufacturing of each gold and silver cash faded while fiat foreign money or the usage of paper bills became introduced within the 1970’s.

In the United States, the last circulate of silver coins was produced in 1979. Coins of these days are composed of nickel and zinc with the addition of copper at times.


The XAG is the forex symbol used for a troy ounce of silver used on a coin. A troy ounce may be transformed into 31 grams approximately.

Silver Eagles

Buying and selling silver bullion cash is turning into a trade. This is because of severa creditors who are searching for actual silver coins. These pieces comprise approximately 99.9% of silver in its purest form. Some of these consist of the American Silver Eagle.

These coins were launched in 1986 and had been in circulation due to the fact that then through the US Mint. The original layout become primarily based at the 50 cent silver cash in stream from 1916 to 1947. It functions the Liberty statue in a on foot stance. Special collectible variations have been coined from 1986 up until 2008. These have been now not produced after 2009 and in an indefinite time.

With the guideline of deliver and demand implemented the fee of silver bullion will increase as the supply decreases.

Buying silver bullion coins had turn out to be popular because of their aesthetic price. Most creditors purchase those as part of their private collection. Reliable sellers often provide sets with as a minimum four portions included. A 4 piece set may cost a little up to $500.Bulk buyers can purchase as a great deal as 25 rolls of silver eagle coins to store money. Each roll consists of 20 cash and may cost much less than the fee in line with piece while you purchase fewer pieces.

Most silver bullion sellers are definitely determined over the internet. Directories and search engines will assist you discover one if you plan to have your own silver bullion collection.

Aside from their value as collectibles, the silver eagle is also useful towards inflation. Their price does now not decrease even whilst countrywide currencies do. This had been proven for the reason that 1970’s. Investments in treasured metals which includes silver which include the coins produced out of it had risen dramatically for the reason that.

In latest times, the recession of 2008 witnessed the decline of principal currencies everywhere in the world. The price of silver bullion changed into not affected though. Its fee have been recognized because the Lydians of seven hundred B.C. And will genuinely be as valuable inside the destiny as it’s far now then and now.

Investing in Precious Metals – 8 Tips

When maximum human beings think of “investing” they think of things like stocks and bonds and Certificate of Deposits (CDs) with excessive interest rates. Of course, with the economy in which it is, it is probably extra prudent for investors to begin searching into investing in treasured metals. If you haven’t invested in something before, right here are a few pointers for making an investment in precious metals.

  1. Gold is the most famous precious steel to spend money on, though there are others (silver, and platinum) available, which makes gold the maximum volatile in phrases of price. The greater some thing is traded, the much less predictable its destiny well worth. Gold can be bought as bullion or gold bars, or as coins. If you propose on purchasing gold, or any treasured metallic, make certain you have got a safe, or safety deposit box. Don’t speak approximately your investments in valuable metals you in no way realize who may want to over pay attention the conversation. Gold is untraceable if it gets stolen.
  2. Platinum, while now not as famous as gold is virtually the more precious steel and is normally really worth several instances as plenty as gold. Platinum is used for electrical contacts, dentistry, coating for the nostril cone of rockets, laboratory gadget in addition to jewelry.
  3. Before identifying to make investments money, it is a superb concept to study the different varieties of precious metals which can be available. Typically people trade no longer in the steel itself but in objects formed from the metal-bars, and special coins.
  4. Make sure that you save around. There are steel deals each online and rancid and whilst the marketplace has one rate for the valuable metals, person dealers might have their own mark up rates.
  5. Learn how to absolutely examine bars and coins fashioned from your valuable metals. Imperfections, the design and the overall condition of the bars and coins will affect the buying and promoting charge of your investment.
  6. Because valuable metals fluctuate so much in charge, they should not be the simplest issue you put money into. Of your total funding portfolio, precious metals should handiest make up ten percent-maximum.
  7. Precious metals, at the same time as they should handiest make up ten percentage of your portfolio, are some of the safest matters to put money into due to the fact they keep their cost, even inside the event of political or cultural problems. A bar of gold can’t declare financial ruin thereby destroying the price of your funding.
  8. Don’t suppose of buying valuable metal rings as an funding. Fashion dictates the value of a chunk as a great deal because the gold content. Retailers mark up the jewellery 50% from wholesale prices. And wholesalers mark up 50% from the manufacturer. A gold bracelet costing $one thousand retail may simplest have a cost of $a hundred as gold. If you’re deliberating shopping for antique gold earrings purchase it for its cost as an antique now not as a precious metals funding.

These are only a few pointers to help you get started in the area of investing in precious metals. When you are geared up to begin making an investment, your broking and precious metals dealers will have plenty of statistics that will help you make informed choices.

A Couple of Tips And Tricks For Investing In Precious Metals

Gold is generally the most popular metal people and it can be bought in several different forms including gold bars, bullion, and coins. But whilst it is the most popular choice for investment, it is also the most volatile in terms of price, so it might not be the ideal choice for beginners to start off with.

Silver is another metal you can invest in. Because silver has many important applications in industry, it is rapidly becoming a popular investment choice and with the price of silver rising all the time, it is a good choice for beginners looking to add precious metals to their investment portfolio.

Platinum is another good choice for investment purposes, although it is much more expensive than gold and silver. However, like silver, it has a number of important uses, including dentistry, laboratory equipment, as well as jewelery, which means it is always in demand.

It is a good idea to spend time researching the different metals before you make a decision on which one you want to concentrate on and there are several ways in which you can invest in precious metals. You can buy the metal bullion, to be stored by you or kept in a secure location, or you can buy shares and stocks in the companies that mine or trade in the metal. The other alternative is to invest in the precious metals futures market, but this is a riskier strategy.

If you decide to invest in metal bars or coins, spend time learning more about the differences in purity and weight as these factors will affect the resale value of your metal bars and coins. Imperfections, overall condition and design of precious metal bars and coins makes a big difference to the buying and selling price, so it is very important that you know what you are dealing with.

Never go through all of your money into metals as their prices can fluctuate a great deal. Most experts recommend that precious metals should only account for 10% of an investment portfolio. However, they are amongst the safest things you can invest in as precious metals never lose their value in the event of economic turmoil, unlike stocks and shares.

Never make the mistake of thinking that precious metal jewelery is an investment in the same way metal bars and coins are. It is not. Jewelery is sold for a much higher price than the precious metal it is made from.

Once you are ready to invest in metals, traders, brokers and dealers can offer advice and help you make the right choices.

Tax Liabilities On Precious Metal Investments

Precious Metal Investments have become quite popular in recent years. Buyers are looking for ways to procure the metals at any given time. Gold bullion and silver coinage are common formats to accrue over time. But buyers should beware about some of the tax liabilities that will be involved. The process behind buying and selling the investments can be complicated as well. Think about some of the tax rules that will surprise many new investors over the years. They are pleased with the chance to procure the best investment possible. Tax info is made available to people with some questions about it. Talk to a professional about the tax rules surrounding the purchases being made.

First, it helps to understand the market behind the precious metals themselves. Notice that gold and silver values tend to rise over the years. Gold in particular is considered to be a valuable item to have on hand. It will continue to rise in value despite bad market trends. The recent Dow Jones implosion has caused people to seek out gold and silver based purchases. They should thoroughly research the available investment tools that they can trust. The precious metal investments will be a sound idea to follow. But proper info can avoid tax liability in later years of investing.

Tax laws for the precious metals will vary by location. The U.S. government has outlaid specific laws about the precious metal investments. They will charge tax liability for missed payments and broken laws by collectors. But it can be easy to follow the law when it comes to precious metal investments. The process for paying the tax liabilities will be made much easier. New investors can quickly get up to speed in short order. The project is helpful and tax liabilities can be avoided if the rules are followed. New investors should come to understand precious metal investments.

Talk to a tax representative about the precious metal investments. Some experts actually specialize the investment package as it stands today. That bodes well for a lot of people new to precious metal investments. The tax professional services are handled each year during the tax season. That helps people come to understand what their role as an investor will be. The investments are handled with due care and precision over time. Think about the time and money that can be saved thanks to precious metal investments too.